Voluntown Housing Authority

Help Wanted: Voluntown Housing Authority- Part Time Maintenance Position

The Voluntown Housing Authority is currently looking for a part time maintenance person to do general building maintenance. This person should be able to do general building maintenance. This person should be able to do light electrical, wood working, painting, landscaping and driving. Must have good references, great driving record and be able to pass both a background check and a drug test.
Full job description: Part-Time Maintenance Position
Call 860-376-5169 for application. Send Resume to: Voluntown Housing Authority, 239 Main Street, Voluntown, CT, 06384
Visit the Voluntown Housing Authority website page for more information on the Voluntown Housing Authority and the Elderly Housing Commission.
Please Note: Housing Authority employees are not employees of the Town of Voluntown.

The Voluntown Housing Authority site is Greenwood Manor, located at 239 Main Street, Voluntown.

Director: Wendy Vachon
Office Hours: Monday- Friday, 9:00AM- 12:00PM
Phone: 860-376-5169
Email: Vha@sbcglobal.net

The Voluntown Housing Authority has a board of commissioners, the Elderly Housing Commission, who volunteer their time. This Commission meets on the second Monday of each month in the Community Room at Greenwood Manor at 6:30PM. Elderly Housing Commission members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen for five year terms.

Current members include:

Beth Taylor, Chairman (4/1/17- 4/1/22)
Joyce Melgey, Treasurer (4/1/16-4/1/21)
Sharon Ruppel, Secretary (4/1/15-4/1/20)
Debra Chaisson (4/1/19- 4/1/ 24)
Ted Levesque, Tenant Rep. (4/1/18-4/1/23)