Elderly Commission

The Elderly Commission meets on the 3rd Monday of each month when there is an agenda in the Town Hall Meeting Room at 6PM.

Voluntown Agent for the Elderly: Joan Barrus

Elderly Survey Summery and Results

Elderly Commission

The creation of the Elderly Commission was approved by ordinance at a Town Meeting in March 2020. The purpose of the Commission is to focus on elderly services and offering solutions to the needs of elderly residents.

The responsibilities of the Commission are as follows:

To foster understanding, respect and involvement of all elderly in the life of the community:

To encourage participation of elderly in all aspects of community life;

To study economic, housing, employment, recreation, health, and other matters as they relate to elderly;

To analyze the services and programs for the elderly provided by both public and private agencies and make appropriate recommendations to the First Selectmen and Board of Selectmen to improve the effectiveness of programs and services for the elderly;

To develop, co-ordinate and carry out polices and guidelines for all programs for the elderly approved by the Board of Selectmen;

To work closely with other state, municipal, and private agencies to provide effective services and programs for the elderly of the town.

For more information on the Elderly Commission, please refer to the ordinance.