Forge Hill Bridge Replacement Project

Page updated 2/21/24

The Forge Hill Bridge was built in 1921 and is currently considered a ‘non-conforming’ bridge, which means it does not fit the current State of Connecticut DOT requirements for an approved bridge. This bridge is at risk of being closed due to its current condition.

Forge Hill Bridge Inspection Report 2020

Forge Hill Bridge Incident Inspection Report 1-9-22

The Forge Hill Bridge replacement project will receive federal funds under the Federal Local Bridge Program administered by the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Press Release

The project design and planning began in September 2022, with construction likely in 2026 Any concerns that residents have with this project are encouraged to notify municipal officials early in the planning process.  Persons wanting additional information can contact First Selectman Tracey Hanson at 860-376-5880.

  • Public Meeting Survey
  • Members of the public can submit comments and questions during the two-week public comment period following the meeting. Please direct comments and questions by March 5, 2024 to:

Visit the CT DOT project 0147-0062 webpage for more information on the Forge Hill Bridge Replacement Project.