Town Clerk

Recordings are being accepted in person, through the mail, or in the drop box at the front of the town hall.  They will be processed within 24 hours (Monday through Thursday) and will be mailed out as soon as possible.

If you are in need of assistance, please come in, send an email, or leave a voice message.

Town Clerk  Pam Theroux
Assistant Town Clerk  Emily Lighthouse
Phone  860- 376-4089
Fax  860- 376-3295

115 Main Street, PO Box 96, Voluntown, CT 06384

Office Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9AM -4PM
Tuesday 9AM- 7PM
Closed Fridays

Contact or Visit the Town Clerk’s Office Regarding:


Absentee Ballots & Voter Registration for all Elections and Referenda  
Boards and Commissions’ Agendas/Minutes
Certified copies of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates-$20 per copy 

Mail to: Voluntown Town Hall, Town Clerk’s Office, PO Box 96, Voluntown, CT 06384

Change of Name Certificates
Dog Licenses

Required for all dogs six months of age or over. Rabies certificate is required. License fees: $8.00 spayed/neutered dogs – $19.00 male or female dogs

Deeds and Maps (Survey/Subdivision)
Hunting and Fishing Licenses and Guides–Including Archery and Trapping Licenses, Deer and Turkey Permits, Duck Stamps and H.I.P. Permits.

Free lifetime licenses age 65 or over. All licenses expire December 31st

Justice of the Peace (Marriages)
Land Records, deeds, releases, recording information and transaction research 

The land records are now able to be viewed and printed with out a subscription. You may search using the “Browser Search” with any search engine.

Liquor Permits (Filing)
Marriage Licenses–Issued in Town of occurrence–I.D. required–$50 fee
Notary Public–Applications available in Town Clerk’s Office–Submitted to Secretary of the State–Notary Certificate filed with Town Clerk
Ordinances and Special Acts
Trade Name Certificates
Veteran Discharge Papers (DD214) – Form DD-214 must be recorded in town of residence, before October 1st, one time only

Genealogist Information

Connecticut General Statute section 7-51a allows genealogists access to all vital records to conduct genealogical research, except those that are deemed confidential. Also, records containing social security numbers that are protected by federal law cannot be directly accessed. (Births occurring after November 1, 1990/deaths and marriages occurring after July 1, 1997) To ensure eligibility, a valid membership card issued by one of the Connecticut genealogical societies must be presented. For a list go to: