Beach Pond

This a page where residents and visitors can find information about Beach Pond. 

About Beach Pond

Beach Pond is a 372 acre natural lake that is partially in Voluntown, CT and Exeter, RI. Beach Pond was made 10 feet deeper by the building of a concrete dam at the westernmost point, which is currently owned by the CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP). It is surrounded by forest and wetlands, some of which belong to the Pachaug State Forest, as well as some light residential development. View DEEP Map of Beach Pond.

Effective immediately for the 2023 summer season: Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) has re-imposed an alcohol ban at the Beach Pond boat launch and in the Pachaug State Forest surrounding the boat launch.

Boating & Fishing

There are two public boat launches on Beach Pond. One is in Exeter, Rhode Island, right off of 165, that is managed by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM). The other is in Voluntown, and is managed by CT DEEP.

  • To report trash, vandalism, and cars in trailer parking with no trailers at the North Shore Boat Launch, contact the DEEP Boating Division at 860-434-8638.
  • Call the State of Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police dispatch at  860-424-3333 – 24/7 for any issues of violations on the pond. Be as specific as possible when reporting. Example: If reporting on a jet ski violation report color of  jet ski, what person is wearing, etc. Photos and videos are helpful. Email photos and videos to and they will be passed to the proper departments. 
  • Parking at the Connecticut Boat Launch is only available for those using watercraft, those who are fishing, and those who are hiking. There is no swimming, camping, picnicking allowed at the boat launch. The State owned property along the waterfront is minimal. Most of the property is privately owned, including were the ‘island’ is. Those on this area are at risk of being charged with trespassing.

State of Connecticut Boating Regulations are enforced on Beach Pond by the State of Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police.

  • Please note: Jet skis are considered watercraft in Connecticut and users must have the proper licensing for watercraft. There are patrols on the pond that will check!

Per Town of Voluntown Ordinances:

  • No motor boat may be operated in Beach Pond in excess of six (6) miles per hour within seventy-five (75) feet of the shore, dock, raft, launching area, swimming area, or area designated by regulation markers, except while taking off or landing a water skier.

Finn Beach

Finn Beach is public beach located on Beach Pond.  It is managed by The Town of Voluntown who leases the property from the State of Connecticut from June 15- September 15 each year. For more information about Finn Beach, visit the Finn Beach page of this website.

Invasive Plants

Currently there are 2 species of invasive plants in Beach Pond. Click on the name for more info.

Variable Milfoil

Inflated Bladderwart

 A Primer on Aquatic Plant Management in New York State is a resource for pond plant information.

Pond Drawdown Requests

Beach Pond Drawdown Denial 2022

More Information

Beach Pond water is tested by the URI Watershed Watch program. Testing data and information can be accessed on the URI Watershed Watch website. 

DEEP Shoreline Concerns, Beach Pond 2003

Beach Pond Draw Down Schedule and Policy  Note: The last draw down was in winter 2019/20.

Lake Draw Down Reports (Nov. 23, 1997)

DEEP Commissioner Response Letter to Beach Pond Winter Drawdown Request 2019/2020