Nuisance Wildlife, Suspicious Acting Wildlife

There have been several calls to Town Hall from residents asking about suspicious acting wildlife. We have inquired with the DEEP EnConn office, the DEEP Wildlife Division, NECCOG Animal Control, and the health department as to what to inform residents to do. Here is the general consensus:

  1. Just because a wild animal is acting in a way that we don’t think is normal, it does not mean that it has rabies. There are other reason it could be acting that way like poisoning, or it could have another illness, like distemper.
  2.  A suspicious acting wild animal is not seen as a threat unless it has bitten or scratched a human, or has bitten or scratched a pet or livestock.
  3. Make sure that all of your pets and livestock are up to date on all vaccines.
  4. Stay away from suspicious acting wild animals and teach your kids to do so also.
  5. If a human is exposed to a suspected rabid animal, you should thoroughly wash wounds and immediately contact their doctor. Follow the doctor’s instructions or seek emergency medical treatment.
  6. If a pet or livestock is exposed to a possible rabid animal, you should report to your veterinarian and to NECCOG Animal Services, 860-774-1253.
  7. If you suspect that a wild animal is a rabies carrier, you may contact the following agencies below in the order listed. Our Animal Services, NECCOG, does not respond to wild animal calls as they are not trained in this area. Again, it is a typical answer that the state police and DEEP won’t respond unless the wild animal poses an immediate threat to humans, pets, or livestock.
    1. State Police, Troop E, Montville (860) 848-6500
    2. DEEP Emergency Dispatch (860) 424-3333
    3. Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (see the list here). An NWCO conducts private business which includes a fee that can range from $100-$500+.
  8. This information and more can be found in the CT DEEP Bureau of Natural Resources Wildlife Division Information for Connecticut’s Home & Business Owners: Nuisance Wildlife Control Program, Rabies & Client Notification flyer.