Gate Street Master Plan Public Presentation

A public presentation of the Gate Street Recreation Complex Master Plan will be given on Wednesday, October 4th, at 7PM as part of the Voluntown Recreation Commision monthly meeting. The meeting will be livestreamed on the Town of Voluntown CT YouTube Channel. Public questions or comments will only be an in-person option for immediate response. Questions can always be emailed to

For more information on the Gater Street Recreation Complex Master Plan, visit the committee website page, or watch the meetings on YouTube.

Notice from Tax Office

Delinquent 2021 Grand List Personal Property and Motor Vehicles bills will be sent to Rossi Law Office for collection after 9/30/2023. Please make every effort to pay as Rossi adds fees to the amount due. You can get the balance amount of your bill online at or call the office at 860-376-0453. Thank you!


The on-line payment system is back up and working.  However, because of the high demand statewide they are still experiencing intermittent problems.  Please be patient and keep trying.  Please also understand that payments must be made by midnight tonight, 08/01/2023.  If you cannot get your payment to go through electronically, you can pay by mail with today’s postmark, or come in and pay in person until 7PM.  If you are making a payment after that you can use the drop box at the front of the Town Hall (Street side), no cash in the drop box, please.  Call 860-376-4089 if you have any questions.

Notice to Residents Who Pay Town of Voluntown or Voluntown/Sterling Transfer Station by Check

If You Pay Taxes, Permits, Fees, to the Town or Transfer Station by Check 

Friendly reminder from Town Hall:

All checks clear the next day. Please make sure you have funds available before presenting you check, especially for taxes.

Thank you!

The Treasury Department has added additional security measures and increased functionality to Town and Transfer Station operations.  The process known as Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) will reduce the time to clear checks presented to the Town or Transfer Station for payment of Taxes, Permits, Fees, etc.  Previously, the process may have taken a week or more to have a check clear your bank account; it may now clear in a day or two.  Please make sure that funds are on deposit and available when you present a check.  Don’t risk incurring overdraft fees from your bank and NSF fees from the Town or Transfer Station. 

Updated 7/18/23

Original post 6/22/23

Town Hall and Library Building Maintenance

The Town Hall and Library will be open during maintenance. 

The Town of Voluntown has received a STEAP Grant to help us with much needed building maintenance on the Town Hall and Voluntown Public Library.

The STEAP Grant project includes upgrades and repairs to the Voluntown Public Library and the Town Hall, and an addition of an outdoor community space in the land between the two buildings. This project is funded with a $300,000 STEAP grant and a $75,000 matching funds from the town which have been assigned to capital projects.

Work has begun on the Town Hall. The chimney was removed and capped off, The brick work is currently being repointed. This is to help with the flooding and mold remediation in the basement. The next phase will be to remove and replace the Town Hall copper plumbing with PEX and to upgrade the bathrooms to ADA compliant. Other parts of the project include removing the underground oil tank that was used by both the library and the town hall, bringing the side door to the Town Hall up to ADA compliance, redoing the sidewalks to the town hall and library, creating an outdoor patio space between the library and town hall, mold remediation in the town hall and library.

During these projects there will unfortunately be inconveniences to accessing the Town Hall and the Library, and we apologize for this as we will remain open to the public at all times. 

June is Dog License Month

Town Meeting- May 30-Town and BOE Budgets & Ordinances- Results

Posted 5/31/23

The Annual Town Meeting was held on May 3oth. The results are below.

  1. To appropriate the funds necessary for the Board of Selectmen’s Budget for the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 in the amount of $2,470,871 (two million, four hundred seventy thousand, eight hundred seventy-one dollars). APPROVED
  2. To appropriate the funds necessary for the Board of Education Budget for the fiscal year 2023-2024 in the amount of $7,055,334 (seven million, fifty-five thousand, three hundred thirty-four dollars). APPROVED
  3. To appropriate the funds necessary for the Capital Projects Budget for the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 in the amount of $380,000 (three hundred eighty thousand dollars) from the unassigned fund. APPROVED
  4. To consider and act on the following proposed Ordinances:
        • Library and Board of Trustees Ordinance  APPROVED
        • Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance  APPROVED

Annual Town Meeting slideshow, minutes, and link to the YouTube video is below.

The town government slide show.

Annual Town Meeting Minutes- 5/30/23

The meeting can be viewed on the Town of Voluntown- Government YouTube channel. We apologize for the sound as the microphones were out of order!

The Board of Selectmen held a special meeting following the town meeting and set the mill rate to 27.77, which is no change. The minutes are below.

Special Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes- 5/30/23

Notice of Annual Town Meeting
MAY 30, 2023


This public meeting is being held in person and will be livestreamed on the town YouTube channel which is: Town of Voluntown, CT-Government, Eligible residents and electors must be present in person to participate and vote.

The electors and citizens qualified to vote in the annual budget meeting of the Town of Voluntown are hereby warned that the annual town meeting will be held on Tuesday May 30, 2023 at the Voluntown Elementary School, 195 Main St, in Voluntown, Connecticut, at 7:00 pm for the following purposes. 

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State of CT Avian Flu Emergency Response Proposed Voluntown Composting Site

Posted 4/12/23

The State of Connecticut, through the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), is currently considering a location in Voluntown be used in the event of an avian influenza emergency response as a location for the composting of AI carcasses.  This proposed composting site would be located on State-owned property at 500 Brown Road and would only be used in the event of an avian influenza outbreak at a New London County Hillandale Farm location. There are currently no plans to have any carcasses sent to this site.

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Town of Voluntown Prescription Savings Card

Did you know that the Town of Voluntown offers a prescription savings card? We team with CCM (Connecticut Conference of Municipalities) to offer Voluntown residents a cost savings on prescriptions, pet medications, and vision, hearing, and LASIK that are not covered by insurance. [Read more…]

Voluntown Awarded STEAP Grant for Municipal Building Improvements

The Town of Voluntown has been awarded $300,000 in STEAP funds to make critical upgrades to the physical buildings of the Town Hall and Public Library to meet contemporary codes for
safety and accessibility, and to make proactive enhancements to improve the physical meeting spaces and facilities to serve the public. These two buildings are sited on adjacent parcels along Main Street in the heart of Voluntown Village Center and are physically linked with a common parking lot and courtyard.

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