Excessive Heat Precautions


Call 2-1-1 for a list of cooling centers. 

Heat stroke is an Emergency! In cases of heat stroke, call 911.


Precautionary/Preparedness Actions: An Excessive Heat Watch means that combination of heat and humidity could create a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are possible.

  • Take extra precautions if you work or spend time outside.
  • When possible, reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening.
  • Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
  • Wear light weight and loose fitting clothing when possible.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Seniors and those with chronic health problems or mental health conditions are at increased risk.
  • Homes without air conditioning can be much hotter than outdoors.
  • Use air conditioning to stay cool at home or go to a place that has air conditioning.
  • Check on vulnerable friends, family members and neighbors.
  • Reduce risk during outdoor work- the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends scheduling frequent rest breaks in shaded or air conditioned environments.
  • Anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location.

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