Voluntown Community Events

Please Note: Not every event listed below is posted on the calendar! To make sure you know of all event notifications we receive, please scroll down!

July 2020

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Yoga
  • Recreation Commission via Zoom
  • Public Works
  • CANCELLED Senior Lunch & Meeting
  • CANCELLED Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Yoga
  • Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Library Board of Trustees
  • Board of Education
  • Housing Authority
  • Board of Selectmen
  • Yoga
  • P&Z POCD Committee
  • Democratic Town Committee
  • Yoga
  • Tricentennial Planning Committee
  • Board of Selectmen
  • Yoga

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Virtual Community Events

Voluntown Recreation Commission Sponsored Yoga- Every Wednesday via Zoom

FREE Yoga for Voluntown residents tonight 6-7 pm brought to you online via Zoom. If you would like to participate fill out the form below and email to Recreation@voluntown.gov. Once we receive your form we will email you the online link to access the class.  Download the form here. You can take a photo of the filled out form and email that if you don’t have access to a scanner.

News from the Voluntown Public Library

Curbside Services Begins Wednesday, June 24th

Curbside Service will begin at the Voluntown Public Library on Wednesday, June 24th!!

PARKING LOT pick up for book orders will be Mondays 2:00 – 5:30 and Wednesdays 12:00 – 3:30.

No indoor services are available at this time.

Patrons can reserve books online through the library catalog, call and leave a message or ask through our FB page. Once the order is filled, you will be notified for a pick up. If you need assistance with the catalog, just give me a call (860-376-0485) or email (VPL@Voluntown.gov) and I’ll get back to you.

The Voluntown Public Library book catalog can be found at: https://vtpl.agverso.com/home?cid=vtpl&lid=vtpl

Summer Reading Program Starts on Monday, June 29th

SRP is still happening!! It’s a little different this year but that’s OK! You’ll still get a reading log to fill out and we’ll have Take It and Make It craft kits and prizes that you can pick up weekly.

VPL’s Summer Reading Program will start on June 29th with online registration.
We will need Child’s name and age, a contact adult and phone number.
You can Email VPL@voluntown.gov with SRP in the subject line, message the library FB page or call 860-376-0485 with that information. You can also report your weekly book amount this way or tell me when you pick up your kit.

Craft Kits will be ready for PARKING LOT pick up each week starting July 6th through August 10th.

Pick up days for craft kits are Monday 2:00 – 5:30, Tuesdays 11:00 – 3:00 and Wednesdays and Fridays 12:00 – 3:30.
Thank you.

Emily Allard,
Library Director

Voluntown Public Library Virtual Programs for Kids- Sign Up Now!

Sign up now! Begins next week! Email vpl@voluntown.gov, call and leave message at 860-376-0485 or message the Voluntown Public Library FB page. Kits can be picked up Mondays or Tuesdays at the library between 11:00 & 3:00 beginning June 15th. The program is for kids ages 8-12 yrs. old and registration is required.

VPL is hosting a 4-H sponsored virtual STEAM project series!

What is it??
Be a 4-H Brainiac!
This summer you can participate in 4-H activities with your library in a new way! Register at your
local library to receive different 4-H activities you can build along with Ms. Pam, Ms. Therese, and Ms.Sara during Facebook live sessions. There will also be Facebook Live or Zoom 4-H Break-out! Escape Rooms too!

There will be five 4-H activities and five 4-H Break-out! Escape Rooms. You will need to sign up
at your local library- space is limited so call your library soon! Kits will be available for pick-up at your library on the Monday or Tuesday before the Facebook Live Build. Instructions will NOT be included in your kit, so you will have to watch the Facebook session to see how to do your activity or experiment! (Instructions will be posted the next day just in case you missed the session.)

Brainiac Build #1 June 17, 10:00 am
Brush-Bots are tiny robots you build with a toothbrush, battery and a vibrating motor. See if your
brush-bot can clean the ‘oil spill’ you have in your kit. You can dress your brush-bot up with craft
supplies you have at home, and watch it buzz around your room!

Brainiac Build #2 July 1, 10:00 am
Blazing Bugs use LED lights for their antennae. Have scissors and markers on hand to cut out and personalize your bug!

Brainiac Build #3 July 15, 10:00 am
Breakfast Nails and Ballerinas mean fun with Neodymium Magnets and cereal (what?!). These superstrong magnets should be used with an adult around- they are not for play or like refrigerator magnets.

Brainiac Build #4 July 29, 10:00 am
Suck-a-Bug, otherwise known as a Pooter, are for real how scientists collect delicate insects. You will build one using a medicine bottle and straws. Plus you’ll learn the secret to not getting a bug in your mouth!

Brainiac Build #5 August 12, 10:00 am
Buckle-up Eggs for a wild ride! You will build an egg vehicle using only spaghetti and rubber bands. Don’t worry parents- we’ll be using a plastic Easter egg for our experiment.
4-H Break-out! Escape Rooms

A different theme each time, on the odd week of the 4-H Brainiac activities.
June 24, July 8, July 22, August 5, August 19 10:00am
4-H Break-outs may be on the UConn 4-H New London County Facebook page:
https://www.facebook.com/NLC4H or may be held via Zoom. If Zoom, the invite will be emailed to each family and library and not shared publicly.

Voluntown Farmers’ Market- Every Sunday, July 12- October 11, 10am- 1pm

Our returning vendors are: Lakeview Farms, Sisu Finn Soaps, B-Z-B Farm, Moonlight Farmers, Country Comfort cooking LLC

We had to make a few changes this year due to Covid 19, and to comply with recommendations from the CT DOH and CDC . *There will be no music or special events this year and the picnic tables will not be set up.
*We are encouraging people to come and go, and not hang out and socialize.
* There will be a marked entrance and exit to the vendor area.
* There will be one way shopping flow through the vendor area.
* Please do not come to the market if you have a fever and/or are not feeling well.
* All shoppers are encouraged to wear masks and practice 6ft social distancing when ever possible.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone!!! We are always accepting vendors. Contact us for more information edc@voluntown.gov.

The Voluntown Farmer’s Market is run by the Voluntown Economic Development Commission. We are always in need of volunteers!

Upcoming Summer Events at the Tamarack Lodge

Visit the Tamarack Lodge website or Facebook page for more information. 


RSVP HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to ensure social distancing! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/111331096306



RSVP HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to ensure social distancing! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/111331096306


Purchase tickets: https://www.tamaracklodgect.com/a-celtic-forest-fairy-grimm-psychic-bazaar-2/