Tax Collector

Tax Collector  Maria Morell

Phone  860-376-0453
Fax  860- 376-3295

Regular Hours
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday,  9AM-2PM
Tuesday evening, 6-8PM

During January 2015 – Collection Hours
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9AM-2PM
Tuesday evening, 6-8PM
Saturday, January 31 from 9AM-noon


Notice is hereby given to all taxpayers of the Town of Voluntown that the second and final installment on Real Estate and Personal Property, including *Supplemental Motor Vehicle taxes on the Grand List of October 1, 2013, are due and payable on January 1, 2015.

The second installments and Supplemental Motor Vehicle taxes may be paid without penalty through February 2, 2015. The rate of interest is 1.5% per month from the due date of January 1 (18% per year) or a minimum of $2.00 per bill or installment. If paid in February, but after the 2nd, interest is computed at 3%. 

Payment of Taxes

  • Payment of taxes can be made by cash or check.
  • We do not accept MASTERCARD, VISA, etc.
  • It is requested that large real estate taxes be paid by check and not in cash.
  • If you paid your taxes by check and the check is returned for “insufficient funds” (bounced), a fee of $20.00 will be applied to your bill.
  • If you would like a receipt for payment please forward a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Supplemental Motor Vehicle Bills

supplemental 1

Most Recent CT State Laws Pertaining to Taxes

By law, municipal tax collectors must notify DMV when the property tax on a registered motor vehicle or snowmobile is unpaid and DMV cannot register the motor vehicle or
snowmobile, or any other motor vehicle or snowmobile belonging to the delinquent taxpayer, until the tax obligation is met. This act now bars the commissioner from registering any ATV or vessel belonging to the delinquent taxpayer. It allows the commissioner to cancel or suspend all motor vehicle and snowmobile
registrations in the delinquent taxpayer’s name and similarly allows her to suspend or cancel any ATV or vessel registrations in the taxpayer’s name in those cases. The act also modifies procedures tax collectors use to notify DMV of payment of a delinquent tax. EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2013

Most Recent Town Ordinances

1) Effective June 18, 2011, the Town of Voluntown has passed an ordinance regarding the payment of real & personal property taxes:

If you have “delinquent motor vehicle bills” in order to obtain an immediate “tax clearance” payment must be made in cash, money order or certified bank check. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

2) Effective June 15, 2012 ,the Town of Voluntown has passed an ordinance regarding the collection of a fee for DMV reporting:

Each taxpayer who has been delinquent in the payment on motor vehicle(s) bills that were reported to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles as delinquent will be charged a collection fee of $2.00 for each delinquency in addition to the taxes and interest.


A basic veteran’s exemption in the amount of $6,000 total is available to any veteran who has served during any war period so declared in Section 12-81, Subsection 19 of the Connecticut State Statues and who has either received an Honorable Discharge or is still serving on active duty.  To be eligible veterans must file their DD214 discharge papers with the Town Clerk by September 30th in order to receive the exemption off of either their home or vehicle on the October 1st Grand List.


An additional veteran’s exemption is also available for qualified veterans who meet state income requirements. Applications must be received in the Assessor’s office by October 1st.


Veterans claiming disability exemptions for the first time must submit proof from the Veterans Administration to the Assessor during the Assessment period stating the percentage of disability in order to receive the proper amount of exemption on the current Grand List. All others only need to file their VA disability paperwork if their amount of disability has changed.



Revaluation is a state mandated exercise and is completed every 5 years in Connecticut.

Please be aware that your 2015 tax bill is generated in the following manner via revaluation:

    • The past three years sales of land and dwellings were analyzed
    • Land values were derived from the market sales
    • Local building costs were taken into consideration
    • “Neighborhoods” were delineated as to determine which land
    • rates were used
    • The exterior of your home and outbuildings were measured
    • If you had denied access to the interior of your homestreet card
    • assumptions were made as well as a review of the previous
    • All owners were sent notices of their assessments by
    • Vision Appraisal in October
    • Hearings were held so that you could have reviewed the
    • information of your property reflecting the new value
    • The most significant value increases is that of the waterfront
    • properties, this increase was verified by past sales
    • Please remember that although you may not have remodeled orof your area is a moving force in the determination of value
    • improved your property in the past ten years, the market value
    • A legal notice was published in the Norwich Bulletin alertingApril.
    • taxpayers of the Voluntown Board of Appeals meeting in
    • This was your second opportunity to review and discuss your
    • assessment for the 2015 Grand List Year
  • Unless there is a glaring clerical error, we cannot alter your


    • Assessment for the 2015 Grand List Year
  • The mil rate is based on the needs of the governing body. TheThere is a Selectmen’s Budget and a Board of Education Budget.


    • budget is based on the dollar amount required to run the town.
  • The annual town meeting is held in May. This is the time the


    • the taxpayer voices his/her opinion as to the expenditures of the town.