No Tolls Resolution

At the January 28, 2020 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting, the Board unanimously approved a No Tolls Resolution that has been sent in as testimony for the 1/31/2020 Transportation Public Hearing.

Notice of Public Hearing February 11, 2020: Proposed Ordinances

View the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance HERE

View the Ordinance Establishing for the Regulation of Bingo Games HERE

View the Ordinance Establishing an Elderly Commission HERE

From the Office of Secretary of State Denise Merrill

You MUST be registered with a party to vote in that party’s presidential primary.
If you want to SWITCH parties in order to vote in another party’s primary, the deadline is coming up: January 28th!
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Rabies Alert: Rabid Cat in Glasgo Area of Griswold

A message from UNCAS Health:

A feral cat from the area of Route 201, Glasgo Road in Griswold was tested and found to be positive for rabies on January 9, 2020.

The public is reminded to refrain from feeding or approaching any wild animals. Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that can infect all warm-blooded animals, including people. It is spread mostly by wild animals, but stray cats and dogs may also become infected and spread the virus. The rabies virus lives in the saliva and brain tissue of infected animals. Rabies can be spread by scratches from infected animals or when infected saliva comes into contact with open wounds, breaks in the skin or mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.).

Anyone with questions or concerns is asked to contact Uncas Health District at (860) 823-1189 or NECCOG Animal Control at (860) 774-1253.

POCD 2020-2030

Town of Voluntown

Planning and Zoning Commission

Notice of Decision

At their special meeting on December 19.2019 the Voluntown Planning and Zoning Commission rendered the following decision:

Voluntown Planning and Zoning Commission of 115 Main St. Voluntown – 2020-2030 Plan of Conservation and Development

Plan Approved 

Effective February 2,2020

Scott Davidson, Chairman

Now Hiring- Deputy Treasurer/ Clerk Position

The Town of Voluntown is now accepting applications with resume for a Deputy Treasurer/Clerk Position. For more information on the position and on applying, please click here.

Fundraiser for a Senior Transportation Van Going on Now!

Why Do We Need a Senior Transportation Van?

There is a need in Voluntown for senior transportation. We have tried to be a part of Dial-a-Ride programs in our area, but because of our location and distance from everything, it has been a challenge. We are hoping that having a senior van and driver will help us help Voluntown senior residents get to medical appointments, and possibly to the grocery store, and to senior programs at nearby senior centers.

The Board of Selectmen is also working on revitalizing the Elderly Commission, which will oversee a senior van program, as well as make sure that our Voluntown seniors are updated with information and placed into current state local senior services.  Thank You to Everyone Who Has Made Donations!

Tax Collector’s Notice

Nuisance Wildlife, Suspicious Acting Wildlife

There have been several calls to Town Hall from residents asking about suspicious acting raccoons. We have inquired with the DEEP EnConn office, the DEEP Wildlife Division, NECCOG Animal Control, and the health department as to what to inform residents to do. Here is the general consensus:

  1. Just because a wild animal is acting in a way that we don’t think is normal, it does not mean that it has rabies. There are other reason it could be acting that way like poisoning, or it could have another illness, like distemper.
  2.  A suspicious acting wild animal is not seen as a threat unless it has bitten or scratched a human, or has bitten or scratched a pet or livestock.
  3. Make sure that all of your pets and livestock are up to date on all vaccines.
  4. Stay away from suspicious acting wild animals and teach your kids to do so also.
  5. If a human is exposed to a suspected rabid animal, you should thoroughly wash wounds and immediately contact their doctor. Follow the doctor’s instructions or seek emergency medical treatment.
  6. If a pet or live stock is exposed to a possible rabid animal, you should report to your veterinarian and to NECCOG Animal Services, 860-774-1253.
  7. If you suspect that a wild animal is a rabies carrier, you may contact the following agencies below in the order listed. Our Animal Services, NECCOG, does not respond to wild animal calls as they are not trained in this area. Again, it is a typical answer that the state police and DEEP won’t respond unless the wild animal poses an immediate threat to humans, pets, or livestock.
    1. State Police, Troop E, Montville (860) 848-6500
    2. DEEP Emergency Dispatch (860) 424-3333
    3. Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (see the list here). An NWCO conducts private business which includes a fee that can range from $100-$500+. For more information on the NWCO Program and when you would want to hire an NWCO, check out the DEEP website here.

Gingerbread House Contest Winners

The winners of Voluntown’s 2nd Annual Gingerbread House Contest are:

Most Festive: Anna Curry
Most Creative: Emily Britt
Most Delicious Looking: Pixie Elliot, Jada Neri, Veda Barber
Kids Creation 13 & Under: Evie Curry
Business/ Group: Team Grinch with Diane Magario
Overall Crowd Favorite: Emily Britt
Congratulations!! Thank you to everyone that entered, they were ALL AMAZING!! For more photos visit the Voluntown Recreation Commission Facebook Page.