A Note from the Assessor:


The Tax Collector will soon be busy preparing 2017 Grand List bills for mailing.  This is a great time to review your property information, maps, and exemptions.  You can be proactive by using links on the Assessor’s page to visit NECCOG GIS for tax maps and Vision Government Solutions for your Real Estate details.  Being fair and equitable is more achievable with  collaboration between taxpayers and the Assessor.  Please take some time to review your information BEFORE bills are mailed.  Should you receive a bill which shows an exemption, but you know you have not applied for one, or if you do not see an exemption amount, but believe you qualify and applied, please contact the Assessor’s office.  It is possible a system upgrade a few years ago may have caused errors.  I am hard at work to rectify any errors found in my research, however, coming forward with information will only expedite the process.  If an exemption was applied to a record in which the owner did not qualify, the exemption will be removed resulting in an additional tax burden.

Please note: there will be limited office coverage during the months of May & June. Most forms available through the Assessor’s office are listed and printable via the links below. Property record cards and maps may be printed from the public use terminal located in the office of the Town Clerk. Due to the nature of the Assessor’s work, it is always advisable to call ahead to be sure she is available to meet with you or plan accordingly. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The Town Hall Aide is available to assist 9a-2p Monday-Thursday, with the exception of the following vacation dates:   6/18-6/22.

Email and voice messages left for the Assessor will be answered on Mondays and Tuesdays during regular office hour ( shown below).

Assessor Jody L. Heon, CCMAI


Phone  860-376-3927


The Assessor’s hours are Monday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Tuesday 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
For property information–go to Vision Appraisal’s website.

For access to tax maps go to NECCOG GIS

The Voluntown Assessor’s office is responsible for the discovery, listing and valuation of all real estate, personal property and motor vehicles within the town and in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes.  The Assessor’s office also administers various exemption programs.

Voluntown’s Current mill rate for the October 1, 2016 Grand List is 29.45

Real Estate:  Real estate is assessed at 70% of fair market value as of the date of last revaluation.  The last town-wide revaluation was conducted for the October 1, 2015 Grand List.  The next scheduled revaluation is for the October 1, 2020 Grand List.

Personal Property:  All owners of taxable Personal Property located in the Town of Voluntown are required to file a Personal Property Declaration with the Assessor on or before November 1st pursuant to CGS 12-41.  This includes all persons conducting business, professionals, occupations or trades, farmers, owners of unregistered motor vehicles, owners of non-Connecticut registered motor vehicles, recreational vehicle owners that are located in Voluntown, Mobile Manufactured Homes not assessed as Real Estate and owners of horses, ponies and thoroughbreds.

Motor Vehicle Tax Adjustments and Removal:  The Assessor’s office is also responsible for the adjustment and removal of motor vehicles that appear on  the taxable grand list as allowed by Connecticut State Statutes.  Two appropriate forms of proof must be provided in the time allowed to substantiate claims of vehicles sold, stolen and not recovered, totaled, junked or vehicles registered in another state.

Exemptions,  Elderly Tax Relief, Totally Disabled, Veterans and Blind Individuals

Elderly/Totally Disabled Application

Totally Disabled Exemption Application

Veterans and Blind Exemptions

Application for Additional Veterans Exemption

Application for Farm Land Classification

Application for Forest Land Classification

Application for Solar/Geothermal Energy Exemption

Declaration short 2017 GL PP **Due 11/1/2017

BAA Application Form 2017   **Deadline to file an appeal is February 20, 2018