Voter Information: November 6, 2018 Election

This page has been set up to provide information to voters in regards to the November 6, 2018 Statewide Election.

Voter Registration

Not sure if you are registered to vote? Check here using the Secretary of State’s Voter Lookup Tool.

Register to vote on line here. The deadline to register online is Oct 30 at 11:59PM.

If you miss the voter registration deadlines, Election Day Registration is available.

If you recently moved, make sure you update your voter registration information. Contact the Registrar’s Office to make corrections.

Voter registration questions can be answered by the Voluntown Registrars. Visit the Registrar webpage for contact information.

CCM’s Election Central

To learn where all of the candidates stand on issues, visit  CCM’s Election Central webpage.

Absentee Ballots

Absentee ballots for the November 6 election have been available since 10/05/2018.  You may fill out a request for an absentee ballot in the Town Clerk’s office Monday through Thursday 9-4 or Tuesday nights 6-8.  You may also go to the SOTS link and print the form.  The form can be dropped off at the Town Clerk’s office or mailed to the Town Clerk at PO Box 96, Voluntown, CT  06384.  Please call 860-376-4089 if you have any questions.

Connecticut State Statute requires that in order to receive an absentee ballot you must be unable to appear at the polling place for one of the following reasons:

  1.  Active Service in the Armed Forces of the United States
  2.  Absence from town during all of the hours of voting
  3.  Illness
  4.  Religious tenets forbid secular activity on the day of election
  5. Duties as election official at a polling place other than Voluntown during all the hours of voting
  6. Physical disability

Sample Ballot

To print/view the PDF version of the sample ballot, click here.

Constitutional Amendments- Explanatory Text

There will be two Ballot Questions on the ballot November 6. Below is explanatory text prepared by the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research and approved by the General Assembly’s join standing Committee on Government Administration and Elections in accordance with Section 2-30a of the Connecticut General Statutes.

Warning of Possible Fake Voter Registration Phone Calls

The following is a message from the office of Secretary of State Denise Merrill.
Secretary Merrill Warns of Possible Fake Voter Registration Phone Calls
Voter registration is never done over the phone
Voters warned not to give personal information over the phone
HARTFORD – After national reports of suspicious phone calls, purportedly to register voters over the phone and to arrange for an absentee ballot, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill is warning voters to be alert for these calls. The calls claim to be from a reputable voter registration organization, TurboVote, but the organization has confirmed that the calls are not from their organization.
“It is critical that voters are aware of this potential scam and do not give out any personal information over the phone,” said Merrill. “We would like every eligible Connecticut resident to register to vote, but that will never take place over the phone. Please go to//, or your local town hall, to register to vote.”
Voters are warned to not share their personal information over the phone. If you receive one of these calls, hang up and the report the call to Taffy Womack at the Secretary of the State’s office at (860) 509-6117 or email her at
The callers are offering to register residents over the phone, and in some cases, to send the voter an absentee ballot. In Connecticut, residents cannot register to vote by phone, and to get an absentee ballot a voter has to request an absentee ballot application from their Town Clerk and return it with an actual signature.
Reputable voter registration drives will NEVER happen over the phone.
Potential voters can register at // and can check their registrations at//
Gabe Rosenberg
Communications Director
Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill
W: 860-509-6255
C: 203-981-5825