Voluntown Is Experiencing Stage 3 Extreme Drought Conditions

Updated 8/23/22

The eastern halves of New London and Windham counties are now under Stage 3 Extreme Drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

If your residence is served by a well, you should be conserving water to the best of your ability.Typically, dug wells and point wells are more likely to go dry because of their shallow construction and are less reliable than deeper drilled wells constructed into bedrock.

Read the Governor’s Press Release here. 

Contact the Uncas Health District if you need information about your well.

Water Available to Voluntown Residents

Residents have access to water currently at two locations:

  1. The water pump behind the town hall by the old garage is non-potable, which means it is not safe for drinking.
  2. There is a hose set up behind the school at the garden area. Please make sure the valve is off when done. This water is filtered for drinking.

Message to Connecticut Water Customers

Message to customers

This is a message from Connecticut Water for customers in New London and Windham Counties

We are asking all customers to eliminate outdoor water use and use water wisely.

Yesterday the Governor and the Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup declared “Stage 3 Drought” conditions in these two counties. As result, we asking customers to take the following measures so that we can maintain adequate water supplies for essential uses related to public health and safety.

  • Eliminate outdoor lawn watering
  • Postpone planting of new lawns or vegetation
  • Fix leaking plumbing fixtures
  • Take shorter showers and don’t let the water run when brushing teeth or shaving
  • Run dishwashers and washing machines with full loads
  • Cover pools to reduce water evaporation

Additional water conservation tips are available at www.ctwater.com/conservation.

Making the most from every drop of water will help us maintain water supplies for essential daily uses and public safety.

How Do I Know if My Well Water Supply is Running Low?

Indicators that your well water supply is having trouble keeping up with demand for water in your house
may include:
• If your well pump turns on more frequently than normal. You are more likely to realize this is
happening if your well pump is not located deep inside the well. Some well pumps are located in a
crawl space or basement.
• If you notice frequent fluctuation of the pressure gauge on your storage tank. This is possibly
indicating short cycling of a submersible pump located deep inside your well.
• If you are experiencing water surges or a complete loss of water from your taps.
• If you experience a drop in water pressure.
• If the water quality becomes cloudy, turbid, or, silty.

Residents should be taking measures to reduce their water usage. See the image below for more information on where water can be saved.

For more information on your well water and low precipitation and drought conditions visit:  Guidelines for Private Well Users in times
of Drought or Low Precipitation

For more information regarding private wells for well owners, visit the CT Department of Public Health Private Wells Program website page.