Tuesday Storm Closings and Information

The Voluntown Town Hall will be closed day and evening hours on Tuesday, March 13. The Board of Selectmen’s Meeting is cancelled.

Voluntown Elementary School will also be closed on Tuesday.

The Voluntown Public Library is Closed on Tuesday.

It’s time to yet again hunker down. We are estimated to get about 10-16 inches of snow and the storm is not expected to end until 5-9 PM.  It is recommended not to be on the roads unless you absolutely have to be.

Call 911 for emergencies.

Remember to report your power outages. You can sign up for outage alerts and text reporting here.

A friendly reminder to all that downed power lines are dangerous. You do not have to actually touch a downed line to get electrocuted. Electricity can travel through the ground, and through trees and branches. When public works, the fire department, and DOT put up cones, road closed signs, or caution tape, it because the road is dangerous. For the safety of all drivers and passengers do not move barricades!! Please find an alternate route. In most instances there are detours. A couple more minutes in driving time because of a detour is better than less hours of your life or a loved ones life from electrocution.