Primary: Republican & Democratic, Tuesday, August 14

On Tuesday, August 14, 6AM-8PM at Voluntown Town Hall, the primary for state and district offices only will be held for both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

To vote, one must be a registered democrat- to vote in the democratic primary, or a registered republican- to vote in the republican primary.

If you aren’t registered to vote yet, you can register online before 11:59pm August 9 at (or in person at the town hall by noon on August 13)!If you intend to vote in the Primary make sure you affiliate with either the Republican or Democratic party. This is for new voter registration only, and not for those who are already registered with party affiliation. Those registered as ‘unaffiliated’ may still have time choose a party.

Absentee Ballot applications are available online and at the Town Clerk’s Office now through November 6. For more information about absentee ballots and to see if you or someone you know qualifies for one, visit the Secretary of the State’s website.

Notice of Primary Republican Candidates- State and District Only

Notice of Primary Democratic Candidates- State and District Only