Rabies: Be Aware and Protect Your Family

The Town Hall received a call from a resident about a potentially (now deceased and no longer a carrier) rabid baby skunk on Ten Rod Rd. The CT DEEP is aware of this. Please be on alert. Here are a few thinks to know to keep yourself and your family safe from rabies:
  • Make sure your pets are up to date on their rabies vaccinations! The number one way rabies is spread to humans world wide is by the bite of an infected dog.
  • Make sure you communicate to kids that if they find a  wild animal that they do not touch it. visit the CDC rabies website that is designed for kids. 
  • If you suspect a wild animal might be infected with rabies, call the DEEP Emergency Dispatch at 860-424-3333. Keep everyone and pets away from it.
  • For more information on rabies, visit the DEEP website.