Plainfield Recreation Summer Camps Open to Voluntown Residents

Plainfield Park and Recreation Department has announced that they have received a grant for their summer camp program that will include the cost of transportation for Voluntown residents to and from the camp location in Plainfield. This is great news for Voluntown residents! There will be two camps, one for grades K-5, and a teen camp for grades 6-8.

Information for each camp can be found by clicking here. 

Register online through Plainfield Parks and Recreation here

Below is the press release.

PRESS RELEASE: Plainfield Parks and Recreation Awarded $98,562 Summer Camp Grant

PLAINFIELD, Connecticut – The Plainfield Parks and Recreation Department
has announced that they have been awarded $98,562 through the State funded
Summer Enrichment Innovation Grant program. Mark Simmons, Director of
Plainfield Parks and Recreation said “We are extremely excited about this
opportunity. This amount of funding does not come around very often and we
intend on taking full advantage of this opportunity.”
During the application process the State of Connecticut emphasized the importance of collaborating with local
partners and regionalizing services to maximize and cut down on duplicate services. “Early on in the process we
reached out to our neighboring towns of Canterbury and Voluntown who traditionally do not have summer
camps due to limited resources. I proposed the idea of providing bussing from these rural towns to our summer
camps in Plainfield and back to these towns at the end of the day. Both First Selectman were 100% open to the
idea and excited about the opportunity.” Simmons said.
Simmons stated “When we started to draft our application our three focus points were to make our camps as
accessible, inclusive, and enriching as possible.” This grant funding will enable Plainfield Parks and Recreation
to provide additional transportation services to the Towns of Canterbury and Voluntown, more camp
scholarships, and will allow for additional staff to be hired, such as Inclusion Aids and Activity Specialists.
Multiple Inclusion Aids will be on staff to work with campers that need additional attention while Activity
Specialists; Art, Music/Drama, Sports, and STEM will lead age-appropriate activities throughout the camp day.
Simmons further explained, the Elementary Camp, grades K-5 will be grouped in cohorts of 20 campers, each
group will spend 45 minutes with each specialist three to four times a week working on fun and enriching
“It is very exciting to see our plans coming to fruition. Now that we can provide more camp scholarships, we
don’t want to turn anyone away. Anyone that approaches us about registering for summer camp, we will work
with them step by step to get them enrolled. After this very challenging school year we feel that kids deserve a
summer full of fun and we’re going to give them the best camp experience possible.” Simmons said.
Putting the plans and grant application together was a group effort with many supporters involved. Simmons
made a point to thank Plainfield Public Schools, Canterbury First Selectman, Christopher Lippke, Voluntown
First Selectman, Tracey Hanson, and Northeast Opportunities for Wellness (NOW) Executive Director, Tayler
Shea for their continuous support of this initiative.
Additional information and registration for the Plainfield Summer Camps can be found at