Special Town Meeting February 26- Results

A Special Town Meeting was held on Tuesday, February 26 to act on the following items:

  1. To consider and act on the following proposed Ordinances:

(a) AN ORDINANCE TO REPEAL THE ORDINANCE FOR THE COLLECTION OF A FEE FOR DMV REPORTING  (view the proposed ordinance here, view the one that is proposed to be repealed here)

Item 1a Passed

(b) AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ORDINANCE ON THE PERMITTED METHODS OF PAYMENT OF REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES (view the proposed ordinance here, view the one proposed to be amended here)

Item 1b Passed

(c) AN ORDINANCE WAIVING ALL TAXES DUE IN AN AMOUNT OF FIVE ($5.00) DOLLARS OR LESS (view the proposed ordinance here)

Item 1c Passed

Minutes of the Special Meeting can be found here.