News from NECCOG Animal Services

The Town of Voluntown works with NECCOG Animal Services on issues with domestic animals in town. For more information on NECCOG Animal Services, visit the ‘Animal Services’ tab, under ‘Departments’ on the Town of Voluntown website. The information posted below can be found there.

Visit the NECCOG Animal Services website for information on how to report complaints on domestic animals, animal bites, rabies, animal cruelty, licensing enforcement, surrendering of animals.

Please remember to report animal bites, and threatening animals. Action can not be taken if reports are not made.

NECCOG Animal Services are available after hours and weekends on an emergency basis only. The following are classified as an emergency:
1) Domestic Animals hit by Vehicles and Still Alive
2) People bitten by domestic animals and wildlife
3) Domestic Animals bitten by Wildlife on other domestic animals
4) If you have captured a stray dog
5) Stray Domestic Animals showing signs of illness.

News from NECCOG

Feral Cat Policy

Received 2/7/18

NECCOG does not impound cats unless they are sick, injured or under quarantine observation. NECCOG no longer has the TNR program, put if you are having an issue with feral cats, please contact the first selectman. If the issue is a problem, the first selectman will contact NECCOG and they can work together to resolve the issue. Do not feed stray cats.

Animal Service Fact Sheet

Please note: There is currently no leash law in the state of CT.  Per Statute, dogs have to be under control. However, it is the dog owners responsibility to make sure a dog is in control at all times. The dog’s owner is liable for damages if his/her dog bites or hurts another person or animal, or damages property.

Received 2/15/18