N95 Masks Available to Residents and Businesses Are Not Recalled Masks

It has come to our attention that residents believe that the teal/blue N95 masks that we have been distributing are part of a recall. They are not. The National Guard went through the stock of the state’s N95 masks before they were distributed to municipalities. They pulled all of the masks that were affected by the recall. It is not just the lot # on the mask that is part of the recall, but there is a number on the box too. If the number on the box did not match the box # on the recall list, then the masks are not part of the recall. Please see the document here that describes the recalled masks for more information.  This document also states that the masks that are affected by the recall, still work. 

We still have N95 masks at Town Hall available for residents. They are in a box by the front door.

If you are a business in town and would like some for employees, we have boxes of 20 available in the Selectmen’s office.