Finn Beach- Closed Until Further Notice

Finn Beach has been closed by the state of CT DEEP following their decision to close all inland state beaches. The reason why the state has closed all inland state beaches is not because of the water being unsafe, but because the inland beaches are smaller and it is harder to comply with social distancing. Finn Beach is state property and the town leases it every year from June 15-September 15.  I have been in communications with the state to see if they will modify the lease for us this year so that we can open the beach only to residents (the lease requires access to residents and non residents). I feel that with the beach open to residents only we would be able to maintain the social distancing required. We already have security lined up same as every year, and the security company said they can make sure that social distancing guidelines are followed.  There is also the possibility that the state will not let us open at all even at the start date of the lease.