Building Inspector/ Zoning Enforcer

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Building/Zoning office is open by appointment only. Permit applications can be downloaded below. Completed permit applications can be mailed to Town Hall at Voluntown Town Hall, Building & Land Use Office, Box 96, Voluntown, CT 06384, dropped off in the drop box at the front (street side) door of Town Hall, emailed or faxed. Please contact Peter or Sue in the Building and Land Use office directly for assistance.



Moving forward, to comply with social distancing the following protocol will be utilized:

 1. New Construction will continue to be inspected with awareness of social distancing protocols being observed by all parties during the inspections.

2. Residential remodels are a little more difficult, we recommend trying to put off inspections until they are absolutely necessary.

3. No inspections will be performed if anyone present is coughing, sneezing or feeling ill.

4. Pictures and videos are also acceptable methods for remote inspections. Photos and videos must be stamped with the date, time and location and be comprehensive representations of the work/project.

5. All inspections requested that involve anyone over the age of 60 in the dwelling are strongly encouraged to reschedule and will have to be approved by the Building/Zoning Official before commencing. This is precaution is being taken to protect everyone involved.

6. All applications should be placed in the drop box at the front door of the Town Hall located at 115 Main St. The box is checked daily. Email and fax are encouraged methods for submitting permits with check being mailed. Please utilize emails and phone calls for contracting the Building and Land Use office.


Please feel free to contact the Building and Land Use office with any questions.

Phone:  860.376.3867




Building Inspector & Zoning Enforcement Officer:  Peter Zvingilas,

Secretary: Susan Choquette,

Phone 860- 376-3867

Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Office Hours:


1st & 3rd Monday evenings, 4  to 6 PM – 2nd & 4th Tuesday evening 4 to 6 PM
Thursday 4 to 6 PM

Secretary Hours: 
Appointments to meet/schedule inspections with the Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Officer can be made during Secretary Hours.  Applications for a permit can be emailed at any time or dropped off at Town Hall Monday thru Thursday 9 am to 4 pm at the Town Clerk’s Office when the Secretary is not in.

Monday – Thurs 9:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M.

1st & 3rd Monday evenings, 4 PM to 6 PM – 2nd & 4th Tuesday evening 4 PM to 6 PM
Thursday 4 PM -6 PM

Wetland Regulations
Zoning Regulations

The Voluntown Wetland Agent, Joe Theroux, must be contacted when submitting any building permit to make sure that there are no wetlands near the site. For more info and how to contact:  Wetland Notification Sheet
Prior to putting an addition onto your home, installing an in ground or above ground pool, or building a deck, garage or storage she, approval is required from UNCAS Health if you have a septic system. For more information and the application form: UNCAS HEALTH APPLICATION

Permit Applications

Pools (in ground & above ground)

Pool information is below along with all necessary applications.

Building Fees

1. Residential Estimated Cost:

  Item Cost (per square foot)
Basement unfinished $30
Basement finished $80
Living space $80
Garage unfinished $40
Garage finished $50
Shed $20
Deck $20

2. Building permit fee: $16.26 per $1,000 of estimated cost.

3. Electrical service changes $25.00 per request.

4. Mechanical permits: $16.26 per $1,000 of estimated cost or any portion thereof (electric, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation).

5. Demolition permits: $50.00 standard flat fee. Any accessory building 600 sq. ft or less will pay no fee.

6. Miscellaneous permit: $25.00 per request (Woodstoves, fireplaces, pellet stoves).

7. For work previously completed without a building permit: $200.00.

8. For any building/structure in progress without a building permit: $100.00.

9. For any trade work in a building/structure in progress without a permit in place: $200.00 each trade.

10. No building application shall be approved by the Building Department of the Town of Voluntown until the applicant provides the Building Department with proof there are no delinquent taxes due for the property for which an application is made, or provides a statement from the Tax Collector that the owner of the property for which an application is made, has entered into a payment program to pay off any delinquent taxes which may be due. As used in this section, the term “building application” shall include any application for building, mechanical or septic permits.