Dog License Renewal Notice


New license must be procured on or before June 30 or penalty imposed pursuant to Sec. 22-338 General Statutes, State of CT. Fee Schedule:

Neutered/Spayed $8.
Male/Female $19.

Late Penalty: $1. per month

Obtain licenses at Town Clerk’s Office Mon, Wed, Thurs 9am-4pm. Tuesday until 7:00.

If mailing in renewal:
1. If during the past yr. your dog has been spayed/neutered or a rabies vaccination was given by the vet, mail papers with the check and we will return them with the new tag.
2. Return this card, check payable to “Town of Voluntown” and SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED RETURN ENVELOPE.

Advise us if:
1. You are no longer a resident here.
2. Dog is no longer in your possession. Reason:________________.
3. If you have a new dog (supply new data).

Any questions, call Town Clerk’s Office at 860-376-4089