ROAD LIST UPDATED 9/30: 2020 Revaluation: Official eQuality Employees

eQuality Valuation Services, LLC has been hired by the Town of Voluntown to assist the Assessor and the Town of Voluntown with our 2020 Revaluation. There will be people around town over the next few months taking photos of properties, measuring properties, and performing inside inspections when required.

Roads they will be conducting inspections on over the next few weeks:

Bennett Rd.
Beach View
Laurel Dr.
Hi Top Hill Rd.
Lillibridge Ave.
Main St.
Preston City Rd.
Wilson Rd.
Pendleton Hill Rd.
James Rd.
Tarklin Hill Rd.
Rockville Rd.
Beach View Ext.
Hodge Pond Rd.
Kinnie Rd.
Pine Valley Rd.
Campbell Mill Rd.
Wylie School Rd.
Shetucket Tpk.
Bassett Mill Rd.
North Shore Rd.
Forge Hill Rd.
Beach Pond Rd.
Lakeside Terr.
Tanglewood Ln.
Ten Rod Rd.
Valley Dr.
Beachdale Ave.
Gate St.
Church St.
Carrol Row

For the list of official eQuality Valuation Services employees who will be working in Voluntown and their vehicle information, go here.

Please call the  Assessor’s office if you have any questions or concerns at 860-376-3927.