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Post Storm Update, Wednesday 3/14


All reported power outages in Voluntown have been restored!!!


Storm clean up continued this morning and all day as  power lines were repaired, and trees & large branches were cleared from roads.  As of right now there are still 3 residents reported without power in Voluntown. Eversource crews will remain in town until everyone’s power is restored.  Make sure your outage is called in!

Thank you to all residents for your patience and co-operation while public works cleared roads throughout the storm and while Eversource crews worked restoring our power.

There is still clean up to be done and public works will continue to be out to remove branches. If you notice a branch or tree that could be dangerous, please call the selectmen’s office at 860- 376-5880 or send an email to me at

Tracey Hanson
First Selectman



Storm Updates Tuesday, 3/13

Storm Update 11:30PM

Eversource will have crews in town working all night to restore power and clear trees off lines. Temperatures will drop to the 20s, and black ice is likely tonight and in AM.  Voluntown firehouse is open as a warming shelter.

Storm Update 6:30PM

Eversource crews are on route to the outage off of Beach Pond Rd. that affected Bennett Circle, Ten Rod Rd, Tanglewood, Valley Drive. Work is continuing on Shetucket Turnpike.

The Voluntown Firehouse will be open tonight as a warming shelter.


Storm Update 12:15PM:

Storm update from the CT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection:




At Noon radar showed moderate to heavy snow falling across most of the state. Bands of heavy snow are moving thru central and eastern CT. Road conditions are wet in the valleys and snow covered in the higher elevations. Total snowfall thus far ranges from 2” – 4” across the valley locations and along the immediate coast up to 6” – 12” in the hills of Western and Eastern CT. Temperatures currently range from 30 – 35 F across the state. NE winds are sustained at 10 – 15 MPH with gusts to 30 MPH inland and 38 MPH along the coast at times. Eversource and UI are currently reporting a total of 3,920 outages across the state.

This Afternoon: The snow intensity is forecast to lighten up as the two bands start to narrow however these bands may persist for several hours this afternoon. Snowfall rates of 1” – 2” per hour within the heavier bands is possible. The impact on the afternoon rush hour is expected to range from very minor in far western CT, minor in the valleys of central CT and moderate in the hills of central and eastern CT. Roads in eastern CT are likely to have a few inches of remaining snow on the shoulders, ramps and secondary roads. Roads in the Hartford / New Haven areas will likely have been plowed and have a light snow cover and slush combination. Roads in western CT are forecast to have been plowed and have a light coating of slush on the shoulders and ramps.

Total snowfall from this storm is forecast to range from 6” – 14” in Western CT, 3” – 6” in the Connecticut river valley and along the coast, up to 8” – 14” in Eastern CT. The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security will continue to closely monitor this storm.

Storm Update 10:15AM:
****VERY IMPORTANT***If you happen to notice power lines are down and blocking a road or driveway, please call 911. Do not go out looking for downed lines and do not go near them. Electricity can travel through the ground and through branches. Stay safe please!

Storm Update 9:45AM:
Eversource is sending crews to Wylie School to assess outages reported there. Shetucket Turnpike remains closed until further notice.

Storm Update 3/13 8:00AM:
Shetucket Turnpike is closed at 109 Shetucket Turnpike. Wilres are down and in the road. DO NOT MOVE THE CONES AND DRIVE THROUGH. THE SNOW IS COVERING WIRES AND IT IS VERY DANGEROUS. Eversource crews are on their way. Roads are bad and trees are heavy. It is strongly suggested that everyone stay home today.

Tuesday Storm Closings and Information

The Voluntown Town Hall will be closed day and evening hours on Tuesday, March 13. The Board of Selectmen’s Meeting is cancelled.

Voluntown Elementary School will also be closed on Tuesday.

The Voluntown Public Library is Closed on Tuesday.

It’s time to yet again hunker down. We are estimated to get about 10-16 inches of snow and the storm is not expected to end until 5-9 PM.  It is recommended not to be on the roads unless you absolutely have to be.

Call 911 for emergencies.

Remember to report your power outages. You can sign up for outage alerts and text reporting here.

A friendly reminder to all that downed power lines are dangerous. You do not have to actually touch a downed line to get electrocuted. Electricity can travel through the ground, and through trees and branches. When public works, the fire department, and DOT put up cones, road closed signs, or caution tape, it because the road is dangerous. For the safety of all drivers and passengers do not move barricades!! Please find an alternate route. In most instances there are detours. A couple more minutes in driving time because of a detour is better than less hours of your life or a loved ones life from electrocution.

March 6 Referendum Results


Yes 127

No 26


Total votes 153