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An Important Notice Regarding Town Tax Bills

The  State of Connecticut had not passed their budget at the end of the legislative session; therefore, the amount of funding from the State to the Town had not been finalized. A Town Meeting was held on June 20 at which time both the Board of Education and Board of Selectmen budgets were presented with both being voted down. A decision was made to keep the mill rate at 28.06 (same as last year) and to bill only for real estate and personal property at this time.

Once the State budget is adopted, another Town Meeting will be held to review the budgets and set a final mill rate for the 2016 Grand List Year. Any change in the mill rate will be reflected in the 2nd installment for the real estate and personal property and another bill will be issued for January 1, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE THAT AT THIS TIME NO MOTOR VEHICLE BILLS WILL BE ISSUED. Again, once a final mill rate is approved, motor vehicle tax bills will be issued.